Fishing With Cat

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are written and established by Not Some Cats (to be referred to as “the company” from this point on) for the usage of the mobile application “Fishing With Cat” (to be referred to as “this application” from this point on).

Users who use this application are required to read and agree with these terms and conditions. By using this application, you agree to the terms and conditions, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with applicable laws. Users who do not agree to the terms and conditions may not use this application.

The company may change the terms anytime without notice to the users. In the case of the terms and conditions being changed, the users will have these changes applied to them. Users continuing to use the application after these changes will be regarded as users who have agreed to the updated terms and conditions.

2. Usage

The user is prohibited from the following acts in regards to the application:
Reverse engineer, disassemble the application
Modification or copying of materials
Using materials for commercial purposes
Redistribution of all or part of the application
Any act that violates the privacy, or other rights, of the company

This application is not a recommendation on fishing in real life. Users are to comply with their local rules and regulations when fishing, and are to practice safety.

This application is available to everyone, and underage users are to get the permission of a legal guardian as their approval is required for the use of this application for underage users.

The method of download and payment is provided by Google Inc. users are assumed to have agreed to their terms and conditions by using this application.

3. In-App Purchases

The application does not require real world purchases to play or complete. There are two in-game currencies, “Gold” and “Tokens”. The two are interchangeable in-game through the “Get Tokens” window if the conditions specified by the “Get Tokens” feature is met. Thus both currencies are able to be acquired through standard game progression.

“Tokens” may also be obtained through purchasing it. The purchase is carried out by Google Inc. The purchase cannot be cancelled once complete.

“Gold” and “Tokens” exchanged for items in the in-game store cannot be cancelled or refunded.

4. Services and Limitations

The company may perform maintenance or suspension of services without notification to the users. All or part of the application may become unavailable during this time. The company will not be liable for any damages including but not limited to: loss of data, profit, business interruptions, due to the inability to access or use the application.

5. Disclaimer

The application may not work with all devices.

User data for the application is saved in the device, and is not saved online. Uninstalling the application will result in the user losing the application data, including game progress, and in-app purchases. You will not receive money or other compensation for loss of the application user data, whether it was voluntary or involuntary. Users may back up their application data if possible.

The service and content is provided on an “as is” basis without warranties of any kind. By using the application, the user acknowledges that the use of the application is at the user’s sole risk, and the user assumes full responsibility for all costs associated with using the application.

The company may change the application, or suspend the application. When the company changes or suspends the application, the company is not responsible for any damages.

6. Data

Please refer to Google Inc.’s terms and privacy policy for information on data collected during download, installation and/or billing. Users are seen as agreeing with Google Inc.’s terms applicable to the application by using the application.

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