Fishing With Cat

Idle Mobile Game

Fishing With Cat is a free-to-play idle game where your goal is to collect all the fish!
Grow your collection by choosing between different maps and bait.
Sell your fish to get better buckets, or get some fancy hats!

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Collect Them All

Collect all 55 fish across 3 different maps!

Meet the NPCs

Three friendly faces will help you on your fish collection journey.

Deli Owner

Sells you bait. Is always looking to help. Probably loves fish.

Market Guy

Buys your fish and probably sells them for a higher price elsewhere.

Angler Shopkeeper

Sells better buckets. Enthusiastic about new fishing tools.

Dress Up

Mix and match different hats!

Play Now

Fishing With Cats is a free Android game.
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Get it on Google Play